Swen Temmel


    Swen Temmel was born in a small city in Austria called Graz. He moved to America with his mother and father in 1997 and in 2018 he became a citizen of the United States. He knew very little English or anything about the culture. Starting school at Santa Monica Elementary and graduating from Malibu High in 2010. Being completely immersed in in the language and culture he quickly caught on. He has now done more than 70 student and independent films, numerous commercials, including a non smoking PSA running across all the schools in America and an Argentinian PSA for safe driving. He has also done his fair share of theater and musical productions as well. His music experience includes playing the piano and the guitar. In December of 2012 he graduated from the renowned Lee Strasberg theatre and film Institute completing the 2-year conservatory program. Wanting to expand his acting knowledge he also took classes at the Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood. In 2013 he finished a semester at the world famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London where he studied Shakespeare. Alumni including Anthony Hopkins, Roger Moore, Kenneth Branagh, Peter O'Toole, Victoria Principal and Orlando Bloom. His passion is film and TV but he continuously acts on stage as well. Having done multiple shows all around town the one that stands out most is "The Sunshine Boys" which was performed at the Malibu Playhouse (Performing Arts Theatre) were he shared the Stage with the legendary Dick Van Dyke. He is currently filming on major Hollywood motion pictures with some of the biggest actors/actresses, directors, and producers in the business.


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    After April 12, 2019